Folk omens on may 21 – John the Theologian, Arsenius wheaten, Midsummer

Народные приметы на 21 мая - Иван Богослов, Арсений пшеничник, Иванов день

In the folk calendar date 21 may have the names of Ivan the Theologian, Arsenius wheaten, Ivan day, Ivan long, Ivan wheaten. The main concern of the peasants at this time was sowing wheat.

The Orthodox Church may 21, recalls the Apostle and John the Evangelist – the beloved disciple of Jesus Christ. It is to him that the Savior has entrusted the care of the Mother of God. After the descent of the Holy spirit upon the apostles John has devoted his life preaching the faith of Christ. John the Evangelist was the only Apostle not died a violent death. He was taken to Heaven alive, however his life underwent a lot of suffering. During the reign of the cruel Emperor Nero, he was banished to the remote island of Patmos, where he wrote his Apocalypse.

In this day revere the memory of Arsenius the Great (354-449) – Christian Saint, revered in the face of the monk, and Arseniy hard working (late XIII – XIV century) – a monk of Kiev-Pechersk monastery.

21 may: traditions and customs of the day

The main theme of this day on people’s calendars did care about the sowing of wheat. In some places only fields prepared for cultivation, in others it is time of sowing.

  • In Midsummer Pasha arable land under wheat.
  • Get Mare and Pasha land under wheat.
  • Sowing wheat on the John.

According to custom, on Midsummer day, the poor and strangers bowed arable lane and went into a peasant house. The hostess treated the guests to a wheat cake, and they wished her good sunrises. Believed that the abundance of wheat cakes this day will provide a good crop of grain, which is enough for the whole year and the following year Ivan the wheaten will again bake cakes and give them to beggars and Wanderers.

With votive pie went to the crossroads to meet a passer-by. Happy, if I can meet someone and share with him the labor of bread. A bad sign was considered to return home with the untouched pie. None of the households have not eaten it. Muffin was left to be eaten by birds.

Pies – a festive dish of Slavic cuisine. They appeared many centuries ago. They were greeted by honorary guests than showed their hospitality and kindness. In the old days young wife was baked fish or a meat pie, which was treated to the in-laws and guests to showcase their culinary skills.

The word “pie” comes from the word “feast”. The dough can be prepared by the sponge and dough method. As a filling used the vegetables crisp cereal, mushrooms, meat, fish, cheese, eggs. Sweet filling made of jam, prunes and figs, raisins, rice, fruits and fresh berries. Form of cakes is very diverse – rectangular, circular, triangular and even curly. Pies are closed (when the filling is inside the dough), half closed (upper part of the muffin is in the form of arrays of test strips), open (for resemble a large cheesecake). Directly on the pie pan filled with stuffing and decorate, after which wait, when it will fit on the sheet. Then it is smeared with oil or egg and put it in the oven. Ready cake spread on a dish and cover with a linen towel.

Another concern in this day in some areas has been planting of cucumbers. Seeded Ivan long, they will grow long.

May 21: superstitions

  1. Rainy day to harvest mushrooms.
  2. Cherry blossom – time to sow wheat.
  3. Cherry blooms profusely – a rainy summer.
  4. The moon in the mist – to the poor weather.
  5. The evening sky is painted in red – to good weather. If the morning sky is red it will rain.
  6. Clouds in one pile going to the bad weather.
  7. Clouds floating up to the clear day.
  8. To see a rainbow in the morning – the rain, the evening a serene day. To see three rainbows – to the wind.
  9. The dream may 20-21 will be fulfilled exactly, but tell no one. But the dream seen by day may 21, empty.

People born on may 21, is blessed with natural intuition, selflessness, and calm disposition. They fit diopside and citrine.

Source: vsyamagik

Photo: pixabay