Following elections in the GSS will be held simultaneously with the local election

Следующие выборы в ОТГ состоятся одновременно с местными - ЦИК

Following the first election in the amalgamated communities should be held simultaneously with regular local elections in Ukraine.

This decision was made by the Central election Commission, the press service of the CEC.

“In particular, the amendments envisage that in the year of the next local elections the first local elections shall be on the date of the next local elections”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that according to the CEC member Pavel Lubchenco, for this decision the Commission has some significant reason.

“The electoral code of Ukraine, which entered into force on 1 January 2020, in particular, requires that the other types of local elections, except the first, is governed by another law on local elections. Thus, the first elections should be held under the new Electoral code of Ukraine and the acts adopted in its development. However, Final and transitional provisions of the Code to the Central election Commission provided six months to bring its legislation into conformity with its requirements”, – informs the CEC.

According to article 141 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the next local elections are held on the territory of Ukraine, and this means that the term of all deputies elected at the first extraordinary local elections, ends with the opening of the first session of the Council. That is, in the case of appointment of the first election on the last Sunday of April, the term of office of deputies, which was elected by them, would in fact only a few months.

In added, for organizing and conducting the first local elections must be approximately 35 million 300 thousand UAH, which was spent on the election of deputies for a short period. At the same time, a significant number among the recent midterm elections, which were appointed by the territorial election commissions did not take place – no one wants to register as a candidate, that indicates a very low activity and interest of citizens to participate in such elections on the eve of local elections.

Lubchenco noted that according to the Budget code of Ukraine and the Law “On voluntary Association of territorial communities”, the transition of GSS in direct relations with the state budget for additional resource and extension of the source base of local budgets takes place only with the beginning of the new fiscal period. Therefore, even in the case of the first election, the United territorial community will have the opportunity to significantly improve their financial viability and increase their ability to address local issues.

“This position of the Rapporteur was supported by all members of the Commission”, – stated in the message.