Food prices: what to expect of the Ukrainians in may

Цены на продукты: что ожидает украинцев в мае

In 2019 early vegetables the market 10 days earlier than in the past. The prices for them were cheaper than expected buyers. Most Ukrainians pleased with the cost of radish and cabbage. Experts tell what to expect about the food prices in may.

In Ukraine increased the prices of products for the three months

The head of the Department “Marketing Analytics” wholesale market “SHUVAR” Tatiana Getman is convinced: “vitamins” in may lose in price. According to her, early vegetables will be cheaper, since the may heaviest fall of prices due to increase in supply of domestic products.

Ukraine has reduced gas prices: how much will you pay

According to the Executive Director of the Economic discussion club Oleg Penzin, seasonal reduction of “vitamins” this year will shift in time.

“Today, in Ukraine the prices are higher than close neighbors. And already have the import of onion from Kazakhstan, beet from Poland. This situation will continue in may. And everything will depend on the course. If the hryvnia strengthened, the European prices are cheaper…” – said Benzina.

Gas prices in Ukraine: the Ministry of Finance made a statement

If to take into account seasonal factors, in may should be cheaper and milk, but the reduction in the cost of raw materials does not affect dairy products, as noted in the Economic discussion club. The company warned that raw milk will be cheaper when the animals will be out to plow. That is, in the mid-to late may.

The price of this product in may will continue, predicts expert and assumes a slight increase – up to 1.5 % per month. The same applies to meat prices, which reached highs.

Drug prices in Ukraine have risen sharply

“The meat has reached the European price, and even above, especially the chicken. So I do not think that meat will rise in price. I think we will see any such rates, as he was, either plus or minus 1%”, – predicts expert.