Foods high in amino acid content saturate better

Продукты с высоким содержанием аминокислот насыщают лучше всего

Foods that contain a high concentration of amino acids, make people more full, so that they become better protected against the development of overweight and obesity.

According to a study carried out by scientists from the University of Warwick (UK), foods rich in amino acids, cause a feeling of fullness more than others. Among the products with a high content of amino acids experts distinguish apricots, plums, lentils, chicken, beef, avocados, almonds, slumbery.

According to the researchers, the amino acids contained in these foods have a stimulating effect on a group of cells in the brain, known as tonicity and affect weight control. This effect and provides a feeling of fullness and reluctance to eat in addition.

“Amino acid levels in the blood and brain after a meal is a measure of how fed up people, how it ate,” said study co-author, neuroscientist Nicholas Dale.

The conclusions of scientists may be the key to suppressing appetite, which is important for fighting obesity, wrote about it the journal Molecular Metabolism.