Foods that cannot be eaten, if they fell on the floor

Продукты, которые нельзя есть, если они упали на пол

Probably, in each person’s life had such a situation when we drop food on the carpet or linoleum and, instantly raising her, sent in his mouth. And do not only children but also adults. Usually nothing terrible happens after that, and soon we forget about the incident. But how safe is the food off the floor? And what raised the products is in any case impossible?

1. Meat

Mouth-watering piece of steak fell out of the plug? It’s a shame, but nothing happened. Eat it now is strictly prohibited. Better give them a pet. Infection by bacteria occurs at lightning speed, because wet food is much faster attracts harmful microorganisms.

2. Sweets, namely, candy

Very often children drop their candy on the floor and try to raise them. But the baby ought to explain that this is not worth it. Candy and so very sticky, and if, for example, lick a Lollipop, it will become more viscous.

3. Cheese

You can say that with this product, nothing will happen, because cheese is solid and not sticky. But this is absolutely not true. Cut a small piece of cheese and put it on a napkin. After a few seconds you will not be able to tear him away from the paper. The same happens if you drop cheese on the floor. He will not only leave a grease spot, but will also attract dirt and bacteria.

4. Scrambled eggs

Lovers of eggs should know what to pick up fried egg is not worth it. Eggs are pretty cheap and therefore it is better to fry more than to send in the mouth the fallen piece with a lot of germs. Give it to the cat or the dog or throw it in the trash.

5. Popcorn

Another product that should not be lifted from the floor. If he fell on his knees or a chair that can raise, but not from the floor. Popcorn is drizzled with sugar water. If a treat fell on the floor, rush him to the germs and bacteria, and dirt.

6. Ice cream

There is nothing to say, to eat the fallen horn is not worth it, even if dirty the top side only. This is a sweet product, also more and milk. Ice cream attracts a lot of bacteria, one species of which is Salmonella.

7. Dried fruits

Despite the fact that dry food bacteria stick longer dried fruit in this list do not fall. Raisins and dried apricots microbes flock in seconds. So if you have something fell on the floor, better throw this product.

8. Sandwiches

In this case, you can bet. For example, a ham sandwich can be eaten, if you’re quick to pick it up from the floor, but the peanut butter and jelly is better to send to the trash.

9. Cookies with cream

They love bacteria. For a few seconds on the surface of a fallen cake will be a huge number of microbes. And they all will cause harm to the human body. With the usual cracker everything is much easier, he is not much attracted the attention of microorganisms.