Footage: former chief editor of the “Big Village” will be the chief editor of “Lifehacker”

Кадры: бывший главред «Большой Деревни» станет шеф-редактором «Лайфхакера»

Pauline Nagraniowa will take up the position from 1 February.

Pauline Nagraniowa will be the chief editor of the entertainment media “Lifehacker”. Prior to that, she worked as chief editor of the Samara site “Big Village”. “Lifehacker” Nagraniowa will seek new authors and learning and also work on special projects. To a new place of work Polina will be released February 1.

“I’ve always loved to learn, and the “Big Village” Samara became the best platform for this. I want to continue to grow, so I’m getting in “Lifehacker”: I am inspired by his scale and I close his mission is to make the world a better place. First and foremost, I need to understand how the editors and how I can bring her favor. After that, I will help new authors to become part of the “Lifehacker”, tell them about the editorial requirements and train them. If you have a cool idea of material, please write to me,” Polina Nagraniowa.

In December 2018, the monthly audience of “Lifehacker” reached 21 million users. Pauline will join the team of chief editors, which also employs a former chief editor of the newspaper “homeland of Ilyich” Alina mashkovtseva referred from “Vkontakte” Pavel Fedorov and former special projects editor of the publication “Chalk” Tatyana Nikitina.

“”Lifehacker” is not only a big issue with space growth, but the box is precious employees. Sure that the internal motor and determination of Pauline will make our team even stronger,” Maria Verkhovtsev, chief editor of “Lifehacker”.

“A large Village” – the entertainment magazine on Samara, which calls itself “a website about the city where live.” Pauline Nagraniowa worked in the office since 2013: at different times she was a journalist with a leading heading “news restaurants”, SMM Manager, editor and Deputy editor. In 2016, took the post of chief editor.

Former publisher and co-founder of the “Big Village” Tatyana Simakova left the project in January 2017. Now she’s the editor of the city newspaper the Village.