Football for “thank you”, or Who are obos*alsya – players or club leaders? – 24 Channel

Футбол "за спасибі", або Хто обіс*ався – гравці чи керівники клубу? - 24 Канал

Premier League of Ukraine is gaining momentum, and before the Vorskla Poltava there is another question: to be or not to be?

The Central match of the 4th round of the Shakhtar – Vorskla ended with the defeat of 4:1. The result is not very surprising. Poltava has traditionally played poorly against the miners – it was the 14th consecutive defeat (sad the series lasts already since 2007). In the past, “bronze” season “Vorskla” lost to the champion in all four meetings, twice – a crushing 0:3.

However, you should pay attention not on the account, and in the course of events in the match. The teams have met two different halves. In the first Shakhtar played poorly, but “Vorskla” acted confidently, made an effort in front of goal and deservedly scored (by the way, this missed the ball was the “jubilee” – 600-m for Shakhtar in the Ukrainian League). But in the second 45-minute miners literally wiped the Poltava scored four goals and had many more opportunities to make the score quite obscene.

The head coach of the Vorskla Basil Sachko in football, commented on the metamorphosis of the team:

In the second half we really started to end. Conceded an early goal and did not have time to readjust. Shakhtar turned on the speed, and we began to make mistakes…

But the coach also hinted at non-football moments – allegedly “before the match some of the players decided to “sick”.

What disease squinted players Sachko said. But it’s no secret that “Vorskla” has long been plagued by the virus of financial debt. Poltava picked him up last winter and hurt still. The club’s leaders promised to give the effective pill, which is the money, only the team will win a ticket to European cups. Then if you win the bronze award. The players task is completed, but the promises of the bosses and left alone. As a result, “Vorskla” could not even start this season. The players issued an ultimatum: either the wages, or they will not work on the first match of the championship against “Dynamo”. Then the leadership of Poltava found some effective arguments, and the team start in the League.

And, as you can see after the match with Shakhtar, the patience of the players ends. And it’s not about those who, according to nets, suddenly “fell ill”. (Here are full of cynicism! You guys, or play, or break the contracts and go to court to collect.) It is about those who took to the field. Psychologically difficult to play with a strong and well-fed champion if you feel as if you have not played, whatever the result is received – the money earned by blood and sweat, can not get. I am sure that such thoughts are constantly visited by “Vorskla”. After all, similar examples in the history of Ukrainian football were many. (Recall, “Dnepr” and “Metalist”.) But such thinking is a stupor in the head and the weight on his feet. Here we have a very pale game and the terrible instability of the current bronze medalist, participant of the European Cup.

Of confusion and even a certain discouragement of the players said after the match with “Shakhtar” and “Vorskla” captain Vladimir Chesnakov.

Debts to the team, as he was, and is. A guide to all the promises… But it’s like a vicious circle. We, by and large, and can not do anything, because we act against ourselves… We don’t know how to influence the situation that has developed,
embarrassed Chesnakov said in an interview Footboom.

The captain also did not remove the guilt from himself and partners: “When Rakitskiy said: “We are obos*ALIS”. And now we got it”. Well done! Men’s game analysis. But we must immediately add: the current situation in the “Vorskla” obos*ALIS, first and foremost, not the players.

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