“Football is corrupt, “Makarov” – a disgraceful team of huckster,” the mayor Frankivsk after the defeat

"Футбол продажный, "Ингулец" – это позорная команда барыг", – мэр Франковска после поражения

"Футбол продажный, "Ингулец" – это позорная команда барыг", – мэр Франковска после поражения

The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinko painfully perceived the defeat of the team from his city’s “Carpathian” in the game against one of the leaders of the First League of “Makarov”.

The match ended with a minimal victory of “Ingulets” 1:0. The only goal the team scored in the last minute of normal time, reports 24 channel.

Sugalski goal scored from the penalty spot. The episode with the appointment of 11-meter strike was quite controversial.

In addition, the “Carpathian” with 53 minutes played in the minority when removed from the field of Semotuk. At the same time from the bench was removed and coach Vladimir Kovalyk.

In fact, the match was attended by the President of PFL Sergei Makarov.

All this has caused outrage from Ruslan Martsinkiv.

“Football is corrupt! “Ingulets” is the infamous team of huckster! The judge just kills the team and is on television and in the Makarov! 93 minute invented a penalty! That’s why our football will never be Italian or German,” he wrote after the match Ruslan Martsinko.

Scandalous statement Martsinkiv

It is worth mentioning that recently Ruslan Martsinko caught in a scandal after his reckless statements. It is at the weekly operational meeting insisted that the city was taken ROMs.

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