Football referee made a proposal to the girl right in the middle of the match: touching video

Футбольный арбитр сделал предложение девушке прямо посреди матча: трогательное видео

A touching moment occurred before the fourth match of the Romanian League between the teams of “Oradea” and “Diosig”. The referee Mariusz Matica has made a proposal to his girlfriend Gerry Duma, who is also a football referee.

When the teams were selected with a gate, 22-year-old Mariusz came on the field to Gerry, got down on one knee and made a proposal of marriage.

“Will you be my wife?” asked the joist in front of the whole stadium and players from both teams who met his actions with applause. The Duma did not hold back tears and he said Yes.

Football referee made a proposal to the girl on the right: watch the video

22-year-old Matica and 21-year-old Duma are in a relationship for three years. They met when they were assigned to work on one of the matches. According to Beams, he asked the girl who had previously engaged in athletics, to help him with the development of sprint tactics.

Informed Sport 24 wrote that the Italian boxer Carmine Tomasone made an offer hands and hearts the girl after he was defeated by a Mexican boxer Oscar Valdez in a title fight in the United States.

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