Footballer who played for the so-called “team LC”, played for the national team of Ukraine

Футболист, выступавший за так называемую "сборную ЛНР", сыграл за сборную Украины

35-year-old Sviatoslav Markanich took part in a friendly match national team of Ukraine on mini-football vs Switzerland (10:2).

In 2015, Markanich was seen in the national team of the so-called LC in a friendly match against the national team of Abkhazia (0:1), writes

Now Svyatoslav, Markanich stands for mini-football club “Factorum”. Club “Factorum” last year became the champion of Ukraine on mini-football.

Previously, the footballer defended the colors of “Dawn” and Stal Alchevsk. Also played for Amateur team “miner”, “dawn” and “Butch”.

What is mini football?This is a game in an outdoor stadium with a synthetic surface of size 30×50 m. the Teams play 5v5 + goalkeepers. In some countries, preference and format, with eight players on the field.

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