For 10 years, Qiwi has blocked users of almost 900 million rubles

За 10 лет Qiwi заблокировал у пользователей почти 900 млн рублей

Russian Qiwi payment service for 10 years has blocked about 900 million rubles, funds of service users “wallet”.

Information about the total amount of blocked funds mentioned in the explanatory note to the draft law establishing the obligation for operators of electronic payment systems to notify citizens about the blocking of funds in their accounts on the same day.

“According to Bank of Russia information, as of January 11, 2018 in one of the most popular in the Russian payment services “Qiwi wallet”, which is operated by QIWI Bank, access to the service blocked for 161 thousand 581 account, the total balance amounts to 39.3 million 879 thousand rubles, $70,2 thousand 14,8 thousand Euro”, – the document says.

As explained in Qiwi, these figures reflect the number of blocked accounts since inception of the service more than 10 years. All blocked funds, said the company will be returned to the user after the lock is removed.

“Blocking is a common practice of banks and payment systems in situations where there is suspicion of unauthorized access to funds, anti-fraud system operates automatically, for security reasons the Bank shall notify the client in authorized area “Qiwi wallet”, – added Qiwi.

Earlier, a group of deputies proposed legislation to require banks and non-Bank credit organizations to notify customers about the blocking of Bank cards and electronic wallets, as well as the reasons for this decision. “In recent years, frequent complaints of physical persons for blocking of funds on personal accounts without notice of claims and providing any grounds,” explains the need for initiatives in the explanatory note to the bill.

Currently, banks generally notify the client about blocking of cards, but without cause.