For “daughter” Volvo drew drone who wants to kill all humans

Для «дочки» Volvo нарисовали беспилотник, желающий убить всех людей

Designer Fabian breeze drew for the company Polestar prototype racing car designed specifically for the championship of drones Roborace. It’s called 1K, in honor of the robot T-1000 from the second part of “Terminator”, done in the style of the models Polestar and in it there were no seats.

The drone is instantly recognizable print head optics with led daytime running lights “Thor’s Hammer” and the characteristic form of the false radiator grille all models Polestar Polestar 1 and 2. Front and back body is a huge carbon splitters.

Cabin at 1K is not in principle: it is a huge Plexiglas panel showing the electric power unit model – in particular, you can see the power cables, the color and location of which Fabian oversaw the production models, the Polestar.

On the edge of the rear splitter, the designer has applied a sticker with the hashtag DeathToAllHumans (“death to all mankind”), and one of the sketches is accompanied by the slogan Humanity is Fcked (in a soft variant of translation – “Humanity rakes”). Fabian explains that according to his idea the drone of 1K – a kind of villain who wants to destroy all people on the planet.

Talking about power in this case the designer does not mention – and technical regulations themselves racing drone is still in development. It is likely that the hypothetical Polestar 1K will be enough of the power plant from the production of liftback Polestar 2, a rival Tesla Model 3. In this case we are talking about two motors with total capacity of 408 horsepower at 660 Nm of torque.

Championship auto racing drone Roborace is being developed under the auspices of the international Motorsport Federation FIA. It is planned that the competition will be conducted under the championship racing electric cars Formula E. the First test phase took place in the summer of 2019.

Для «дочки» Volvo нарисовали беспилотник, желающий убить всех людей

Для «дочки» Volvo нарисовали беспилотник, желающий убить всех людей