For Half-Life: Alyx created a mod that turned it into a first person shooter without VR

Для Half-Life: Alyx создали мод, который превратил его в шутер от первого лица без VR

Modder Konqithekonqueror remade Half-Life: Alyx in the first-person shooter that does not need a virtual reality helmet. He said this on YouTube, posted a video demonstrating the gameplay. Modification can be downloaded from Github.

Konqithekonqueror used weapon models and animations from Half-Life 2. The plot and levels fully correspond to Half-Life: Alyx. The developer also noted that the mod needs to be finalized and urged users not to assess the novelty of the Valve according to the results of the use of his work.

Half-Life: Alyx is a shooter from Valve, designed for games using virtual reality helmets. The project received a positive assessment and gaming publications scored 93 points on Metacritic.