For love and money: a working conspiracy on Holy water

На любовь и деньги: работающие заговоры на святую воду

Any water is capable of storing information, especially Holy. It is believed that it has extraordinary properties and special powers. People since ancient times, the use of Holy water in many rituals and conspiracies, improving health, getting rid of the negative impact, bringing to life the luck, love and wealth.

How to talk water

For the efficiency plot on the water, you need to choose one correctly, and this in no case do not confuse conspiracy with Orthodox prayers.

Remember a few simple rules:

At the time of reading the plot, you need to think about good things, without letting your thoughts negative.

You should truly believe in the action of the plot, otherwise your words and requests will not gain any power.

Words of conspiracy are read from memory, it is not necessary to read them from the sheet, phone or computer.

Water speaks strictly alone, without other people in the room.

Any ceremony and the conspiracy must be secret, and nobody is better not to tell about it.

If even one rule is broken, a conspiracy can not work or will have less force that will lead to the opposite result.

Love spell

Holy water helps to bring to life love and happiness, but it must be remembered that intentions at the time of the ceremony should be clean, and the conspiracy should not have to bear harm.

Conspiracies to love of the Holy water are the most effective. For this rite you will need Holy water in any glass containers. To prepare it, read the words:

“I spoke some water on love, even on my way to meet me happiness. Let the tenderness and affection knocks at my house, let it be a fairy tale. Let love I let love me.”

After reading the plot should wash my face with the blessed water.

Conspiracy money

Everyone dreams to live in abundance, not needing money. Ask about the wealth and prosperity you can have Holy water, talking her down. For the rite is best suited Holy water, taken in the temple, but drawn from a well or natural spring in the Baptism also may be suitable.

Take the container with Holy water, put in front of him and read the words:

“I ask not about happiness, not about protection and not about health, I want wealth and prosperity. As this water was dialed, and the money will pour down the river to my house. I’m attracted to him all the money in the world, and my word for the ages”.