For motorcyclists invented a new penalty

Для мотоциклистов придумали новый штраф

It can be from 3 to 15 thousand rubles.

In the state Duma has proposed fining motorcyclists and scooter owners in the movement between series and parallel drive with other vehicles in the same lane. Write about this “Izvestia” with reference to the Deputy Svetlana Bessarab.

Under the bill, for parallel movement with other vehicles in one lane motorcyclists and scooter owners will be fined on 3 thousand roubles. If they will maneuver between the rows, and driving deemed dangerous, the penalty may amount to 15 thousand rubles, or from two to six months of deprivation of a driver’s license.

Bessarab said that fixing these disorders can be with the help of traffic police officers and surveillance cameras and DVRs. And noted that road accidents killed almost 30 times more motorcyclists than car drivers.

Some experts, including the coordinator of the movement “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov, spoke against this idea. “Movement between the lines is one of the advantages of a motorcycle, otherwise why is it needed? This is essentially a direct prohibition of riding a motorcycle,” quoted Shkumatov edition.

A member of the community “Matamoska” Artem Gulyaev supported this position and noted that due to new regulations allow motorcyclists to get behind the wheel, and the flow of cars will increase.

On the official website of the traffic police stated that five years was recorded at 35.5 thousand accidents involving motorcycles and equivalent vehicles. Killed nearly 4 thousand people, about 38 thousand were injured.

Earlier we told you that the fine for running a red light is proposed to increase 5 – fold to five thousand roubles. And expiring driver’s license are not allowed to change until the end of the year.