For potatoes this year will have to pay, but tomatoes can still be cheaper

За картофель в этом году придется переплатить, а вот помидоры могут еще подешеветь

With the onset of autumn there is the traditional question of creating food reserves for the winter.

According to experts of the sector in the current year we can expect the growth of prices for vegetables, writes Today.

According to the expert of the agricultural market Alexander Horev, after the price boom on the bow (up to 40 UAH/kg), farmers this season have greatly increased the area under its land, that by the end of summer combined with the good harvest immediately affected prices. Now a large wholesale high-quality “Tsybulya” is 4.5-5 UAH/kg, in shallow (bags in the markets) – for 8-10, in retail – 10-12. The situation is similar to cabbage: the market’s flooded, prices fell in the major opt to 3.5-4 UAH/kg.

Read tekuani fly: Ukrainians warned of a sharp podorozhaniya fruit and vegetable markets of East Europe wholesale market SHUVAR Tatiana Getman calculated that vegetables borabora fell in August by 20%. Carrot prices below 1.5 times than a year ago, beets sold at last year’s prices – 6-6,5 UAH/kg. of Potatoes rose in price due to the randomness of the market: 98% of potato is grown on private plots, so the villagers now dictate prices – even in the Outback for a bucket of tubers (7-8 kg) asking for 100 UAH. Expensive this year and the tomatoes ground tomatoes suitable for home preservation of fruits and juice, cost 20 UAH/kg, it is three times more than a year ago.

The experts agree: for the potatoes this year will have to pay, but tomatoes can still be cheaper.

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“Now the price of BORSHCHOV set the lowest, so those who have conditions for storing, for example, a cellar can stock up, this also applies to potatoes, the price of which is in September, if it falls, it is insignificant, – says Director of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko. – Just drop the tomatoes due to the late ripening varieties, so purchasing for preservation to do when the price of the produce markets will fall to UAH 12/kg.”

Read taggedarray inevitable: it became known, when to wait for new growth price Horev here predicts that not only tomatoes, but also beets, carrots, onions and especially cabbage can still be cheaper, so buying them in store is not worth it, you can wait 2-3 weeks. As for non-perishable food from our list, it’s sugar and flour, then, according to Doroshenko, it is advisable to buy in store for a family a bag of flour of the new harvest (40 kg), since it is not the first year is steadily going up by 1-1,5% per month. Of course, provided that the family love pastries and baked homemade bread, or at home storing flour in 7-8 months can deteriorate. The price of sugar will remain stable, especially as the season sharovarova is yet to come and you can buy even cheaper.

Economists suggest other options of saving money to buy inventory to put on the hryvnia Deposit or to buy dollars until the exchange rate is low.

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“Up to 10% of potatoes and borabora in the cellar for winter rot, which increases the inventory cost by 10% – says the President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko. – If the end of the year the rate will be 28 UAH/USD (now 25,25), then by buying the currency now and passing in January, for $ 100 you can earn up to 250 UAH, that is 40% per annum. Vegetables will not grow in price until the spring of 40%”.