For PR: Dubinsky-minute ride on the bike and then drove off in the Mercedes VIDEO

Для пиара: Дубинский минуту покатался на велосипеде и тут же укатил на Мерсе - ВИДЕО

“Servant of the people” Alexander Dubinsky drove in the center of Kiev for PR on the bike and a moment later switched to the Mercedes.

This is reported by “Letter”.

According to the source, the MP appeared in political advertising close to metro station Lev Tolstoy Square. For these purposes he used the bike – one of the symbols of the election campaign of President Vladimir Zelensky.

Near the scene of the shooting were parked with violation of traffic rules Lexus. Starring in the advertisement, the servant of the people left the Bicycle and then moved to Mercedes G55 AMG.


Vladimir Zelensky