For programmers invented new taxes, that will change

Для программистов придумали новые налоги, что изменится

For programmers want to enter a different tax group for which they will pay higher taxes than other entrepreneurs. We are talking about 5% of income, additional military fee of 1.5% and a doubled single social contribution. According to the estimates of programmers over the next five years, the tax will increase by 10%. Most against such taxation. Economist Alexander Okhrimenko explained why this is useful by professionals and the state.

“Officials propose to introduce a tax for programmers. Most Popow was in the second and third groups of tax they pay is minimal. Such a tax is normal to increase its offer gradually, and in case of refusal to stay on the old system of taxation. Programmers pay tax everywhere, because this is a highly profitable industry. In Europe they pay 40-47% of the profit to the state”, – said Okhrimenko.

The economist explains that the government first attempts to legalize the work of the programmers. Those who work legally, it is easier to conclude contracts and they are more protected in front of the employer.

“The amount of wages the tax is not affected, and that all the mass will move to Europe as not. In the world there is a tendency to legalize it business, so that programmers will be forced to pay taxes to get legal orders. It’s good for the government because it would receive additional funds in the budget and for the professionals” – says Okhrimenko.

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