For Russia it is a weapon, and we need your: viatrovych confident in the effectiveness of the “language” of the law

Для России речь - это оружие, и нам нужно свое: Вятрович уверен в действенности «языкового» закона

It would be much better if the state language law was adopted 20 years ago – it would have saved Ukraine from many shocks, perhaps from the loss of territories. After all, by 2014 the “language” issue has lost its political urgency, therefore, Russia would not have had the opportunity to manipulate “the Russian-speaking population”.

It was noted by the Chairman of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich in the program FACE 2 FACE with Tatiana Danilenko on channel ZIK.

Volodymyr viatrovych is convinced that the Law of Ukraine “On functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language”, which received tremendous support in the Verkhovna Rada, will actually work.

“For too long we fought for this law for too long concerned citizens were prepared and “pushed” the text of the law. An extremely important role in the fact that this law was passed, played a few people. It’s the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Mykola knyazhytskyy, who is one of its Committee on culture and spirituality supervised the work.

It’s the people’s Deputy Irina Podolyak the Chairman of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy, who put the matter most important, and in spite of all the twists and turns of the election campaign, brought the adoption of the law to the bitter end”, – said Volodymyr viatrovych.

He was confident that consideration of the bill during the election period is not directly related to the election. But the delay in its adoption played into the hands of the aggressor country and its government.

“The lack and the delay of the adoption of this law was a great pass for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Just recently, we heard his statement on the granting of passports to the population ORDO, and rationale for such a move was such that there lives the Russian-speaking population”.

That is, the presence of Russian-speaking population and is the basis for the deployment of aggression, just as it was in Georgia. For Russia it is a weapon, and if we want to defend, we need your weapons – it is the law about the Ukrainian language as the state language”, – said Volodymyr viatrovych.

On the website of the Verkhovna Rada made public the results of roll-call voting on second reading and in General bill No. 5670-d “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko promised to sign the language law as soon as he goes.

The winner of the second round of the presidential elections, Vladimir Zelensky has promised to review the law about the Ukrainian language after his inauguration.