For sale put a hydride cars and bikes from BMW

На продажу выставили гидрид автомобиля и мотоцикла от BMW

In Italy on the website Autovergiate F. lli Rossi Srl are sold interesting hybrid of a car and a bike from the German company BMW.

This vehicle was developed in 1997 and uses the power unit of the motorcycle BMW K75, which was produced from 1985 to 1995.

Therefore, a unique three-wheeled BMW is equipped with 3-cylinder engine at 740 CC output of 75 HP and 68 Nm of torque. Of course, the car is much heavier bike, so it may not have the same dynamic performance.

Looking at salon three-wheeled car, you can see the traditional car control with steering wheel, gas and brake pedals, and clutch.

There is also a mechanical transmission with a lever that sticks out on the right of the steering wheel. This machine has a double layout in the style of jet aircraft.

Externally the car looks quite bizarre, like other 3-wheeled vehicles. The front bumper of the car has the proportions of a sports car with low ground clearance, and rear, you will notice only one wheel, two exhaust pipes and air intakes.