For school I have two months: the wife of Ostapchuk struggling during divorce

Wife of the famous Ukrainian showman Vladimir Ostapchuk – Elena Voichenko – though is still at the stage of divorce with her husband, but noticeably felt the difficulty of single motherhood.

A candid interview with Elena Voychenko gave in category “Coffee and pepper” of the program “Star trek” on TV channel “Ukraine”. Earlier we told the story of the wife of Ostapchuk about the numerous infidelities of the lead, and now we offer you to bring quotes about their family life for the flashes of cameras.

Woman in conversation with the journalist said that Vladimir Ostapchuk often refused to help his wife with the children, showing complete indifference.

“It was like a holiday, in all its manifestations. In terms of implementation itself, the demonstration itself, and not encumbrance yourself some obligations, some limits. Even simply while on vacation with a month old baby, he could turn around and leave. And when I said, “Maybe we should pay attention to or to help me?” – the man didn’t understand had never understood until now. Type what, I want out, I want to enjoy life, got one life. I want, I want, I don’t walk up, Yes, I like different women. I want different women, because I’m not developed, and so what? I have one life,” remembered Voychenko.

After Voychenko found out about her husband’s infidelity, she never spoke and forgave. But when in 2019 Ostapchuk finally struck up a relationship with another woman on the side, she asked him to leave. At the request of the presenter, a joint petition for divorce in social networks appeared much later than occurred the event itself. But the statement about divorce in the Podolsk district court affirmed.

“It’s just unacceptable to me. Frankly. I dream about family. I dream about a good man. Vladimir is the only person I ever was, was. The only person I loved. But in this format it is impossible,” said the woman.

Regarding the family and children Voychenko said that she chose the school for her daughter, and he didn’t even come to the first call to Emilia. After the official statement about divorce in the fall of 2019 Ostapchuk, according to Elena, even fewer in children. So Elena herself while trying to “balance” the finances and the upbringing of children, Vladimir “not stable”, it helps.

Vladimir is not ready to help with a babysitter under any circumstances, I try to do it yourself. I try to work and earn as much as possible, yet I manage to stay at a certain level. Vladimir, though it helps, but not consistently. I try to balance… I go to meet people. For example, the same school I had for two months
– with tears in his eyes shared Elena.

But during an interview with Elena Voichenko, she received a receipt of payment of bills for the school from Vladimir Ostapchuk. By coincidence it happened or not, but the woman added, she still loves her husband because he was the only one in her life who she trusted with all your senses.

“At this stage it is very difficult to say. It really is my husband, the only man I ever loved and I understand everything difficult,” concluded the woman.

We will add that Vladimir Ostapchuk of the filing of a formal application for divorce (October 2019) has not been given any official comment on the situation. However, he often posts on the social network photos with the kids and joking over the divorce process.