For space tourism: Virgin Galactic has presented the spaceport

Для космического туризма: Virgin Galactic презентовала космопорт

The company Virgin Galactic, which is actively selling tickets for suborbital spaceflight, presented a new spaceport and command center for tourism projects.

Writes FirstPost, this site is called Spaceport America (spaceport America). The building itself has existed since 2008, but the company changed its Virgin Galactic for space tourism.

Now, the company has received more than 600 applications for space travel, however, while commercial flights are delayed.

While the capacity of the spaceport and the control center will be used for test flights. The first projects should start next year.

Для космического туризма: Virgin Galactic презентовала космопорт

The Virgin Galactic Spaceport

What about Virgin Galactic? This company is Virgin Group. She works on launching of small satellites and has long been selling tickets for suborbital space tourist flights.

Now the company is testing a space plane, the VSS Unity. By 2022, in conjunction with Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin plans to launch people into suborbital first hotel in space.

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