For subscription Prime Twitch will distribute free of charge one year Nintendo Switch Online

За подписку Twitch Prime бесплатно раздадут один год Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is like a counterpart of PlayStation Plus for Nintendo Switch. The subscription is required to play this game online, and with it comes a number of perks like cloud saves and access to a set of games with NES. Whole year services Switch Online will go to those who subscribed to another service Twitch Prime.

To use the offer on this page. It’s broken into two parts. First you activate the Switch three months Online. Then you must be a subscriber to Twitch Prime 60 days, and then be able to nine months, Switch Online.

Most likely, such a scheme stems from the fact that Twitch is Prime free trial. But get three months, Switch Online free then you still can! To renew Twitch Prime after receiving the Switch Online is optional.

There are a few limitations:

• Offer not available to those users who have already activated the family version subscription Switch Online (but is available for those who have an individual subscription).

• Your Nintendo account must be linked to a Nintendo console Switch.

• The first three months of handing out up to September 24, 2019, an additional nine – until January 22, 2020.

Twitch Prime is part of Amazon Prime. The cost of subscription from Amazon – the first seven days free, then 2.99 dollar for six months, and thereafter at 5.99 dollars per month.

Along with Twitch Prime give games (for example, in March you can get Snake Pass), unique loot (for example, skins for the Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4), and one, um, free, paid subscription streamer Twitch (for example,!). And as you get more and Amazon Prime, you have access to a catalogue of movies, TV series and TV shows Prime Video.

The cost of individual subscriptions Nintendo Switch Online – 279 rubles for 30 days, 559 rubles for 90 days and 1 399 rubles for 365 days.

За подписку Twitch Prime бесплатно раздадут один год Nintendo Switch Online