For the demolition of structures for construction of industrial Park in the river will pay 48 million

За снос сооружений под строительство индустриального парка в Днепре заплатят 48 миллионов

The firm-the winner of the tender is associated with the scandalously famous Builder Alexander Borisyuk.

KP “Dniproekonomresursi” Dnieper city Council ordered “NPP “Modern road technologies” demolition works in the river on 47,53 million hryvnia. It happened April 12, based on the tender results, reported in the “Proterra”.

This year, the firm-the winner must dismantle the estate, bordering the Avenue Slobozhanskiy, Stoletov and Chestnut streets and the territory of PJSC “Interpipe Nizhnedneprovsky tube rolling plant” of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. We are talking about land that “Interpipe NTRP” returns to the territorial community. KP development Agency “Dnepr” plans building of an industrial Park, public buildings and residential complex.

On the summary sheet resources without VAT, the cost of machines exceeds the market price.

Most funds go to work on the basis of hydraulic hammer of excavator on rubber go with a bucket capacity of 1 cubic m 798 UAH/mash.-hour. Two years ago, in may 2017 at the tender PJSC “Kiev-Dneprovskiy MPST” repair ways the prices were a third cheaper – 600 UAH/mash.-the hours, however, data on more recent tenders has been found.

Mobile compressors with internal combustion engine and a pressure up to 686 kPa and output of 2.2 cu m/min. is 228 UAH/mash.-hour. In March, the tender of the village Council in Kyiv region on school the price was a third lower – 171 UAH/mash.-hour, and at the tender KP “Spetszhilfond” regarding Vladimir’s hill – a quarter lower 182 UAH/mash.-hour.

The work of the shovel excavators diesel rubber-tired on-the-go with a bucket capacity of 0,65 cubic metres worth 521 UAH/mash.-hour. In March at the tender terupravleniya GSA Home justice Kropiwnicki it was 15% cheaper – 455 UAH/mash.-hour.

The transaction price is 0.3% below the expected cost of purchase 47.67 million.

Both competitors – OOO “Globalcompany” and LLC “Construction company “Olympics” – with prices lower by 1%, rejected because they downloaded copies of only those pages of the passports of the signatories of the tender offer, which was a record, instead of copies of all pages.

Established in September 2018 “Modern road technologies” near Kiev led by eve Shawnboy belong to Elena Merkulova from Krivoy Rog Dnepropetrovsk region.

The winner participated in the tender and received the government contract. He confirmed a similar experience contract with Krivoy Rog, LLC “Butultimately” Faith, Larionenko and Aleksandra Borisyuk. Last previously owned by OOO “Universalised and Zemservis CU”, which has repeatedly played the tenders in the Dnipropetrovsk region with related firms.

Recall that in September 2018 in the Dnipropetrovsk region a suspect in damage to the land developer Alexander Borisyuk attacked the journalist.