For the first time in the history of the Ukrainian order “For courage” received a 17-year-old boy lost part of an arm, but saved 5 children

Впервые в истории Украины орден "За мужество" получил 17-летний парень: потерял часть руки, но спас 5 детей

In Ukraine for the first time in the history of the order “For courage” III degree got a young guy. 17-year-old Alexander Garkusha from Dnipropetrovsk region value their health and saved the lives of five children when they grabbed a grenade.

Also on the uniform Alexander has several awards. He received the order of “Ivan Sirko” III degree, and three medals – “For a worthy act”, “For loyalty to the national idea”, “Defender of the Fatherland.” About this newspaper “Express”.

Last year July 1, Alexander went to his girlfriend and on the way noticed five children aged from 4 to 12 years old who was playing with munition. Later, the experts say that it is VOG 25 grenade launcher ammunition.

When the ammunition caught fire, Alexander knew that he has four seconds before the explosion. He snatched it from the hands of children, but throw not in time. He called his father and said that he lost his fingers.

The father of the hero quickly grabbed a first aid kit and rushed to the scene of the incident. The man said that my son’s intestines were on the outside, and on the right hand survived only a little finger. Also the guy had multiple shrapnel wounds all over the body.

His father gave him anti-shock shot – this saved the life of a hero, who lost six pints of blood. He also had a contusion of the II degree.

When Alexander came to the hospital, I wanted to disconnect from the machines that kept him alive. Some days it is nothing but explosion didn’t remember.

As for the children, the younger child received a penetrating wound to the abdomen, and the rest escaped with minor injuries or a concussion. All the children recovered, but if not Alexander, he must be killed.

Alexander three and a half months spent in the hospital and suffered three clinical death and five operations, the sixth this week. The doctors asked him to continue the recovery in the sanatorium, but he returned to school, to your company.

He dreamed of becoming a military after 9th grade enrolled in Krivoy Rog Lyceum with intensive military and physical training. It was further planned to continue studying in a military high school.