For the first time in Ukraine will be released a beautiful series about our country

Впервые в Украине выйдет красивый сериал о нашей стране

From Monday to Thursday viewers will have to wait for two whole series. The plot of fortress of Katerina brought up as a lady of noble blood her godmother Anna Chervinsky, but for the whole world it is only the property of the richest landowner Peter Chervinsky. On the way to love and freedom Katherine will have to overcome many trials.

In anticipation of the premiere of NV prepared a few reasons why you definitely should watch the series.

Interesting plot with multiple lines

“Fortress” is a multi-event history that takes place in the 19th century in the Chernigov province. All the action takes place around the main character Catherine, but in parallel, the audience will be watching the other characters – everyone has their own destiny, love and life. The audience definitely will not be bored, because in the series they will see a number of weddings, balls, a duel, a funeral, a peasant uprising, a brothel, which is full of life, races, auctions and so on.


On the show worked for two of the Director (Maxim Litvinov and Felix Gerchikov) and two a Director of photography (Alex Lam and Sergey Revutsky), which was created on 24 series. The light was exhibited very carefully, each scene was studied and rehearsed as much as needed. As in the 19th century as the source of light used candles and gas lamps, so the image in the series is muted to try to reliably convey the atmosphere of the time.

Ukrainian customs

In addition to the balls, duels and aristocratic weddings, the audience will see Ukrainian customs and authentic costumes. Evenings, harvest (harvest), a real Ukrainian wedding and the wedding night of the 19th century. Girls will go with the form of coins or ducats – a traditional part of Ukrainian women’s costume, women’s decoration in the form of a large Megalodon coin with a metal bow, decorated with stones. And oczipka – mandatory headgear of married women.

Best actors of our time

The casting was long and consisted of several stages, including the sample in the costumes and makeup on location. The main character Catherine was chosen from 100 candidates. Some characters approved almost immediately. For Example, Stanislaus Bolana (Peter Czerwinski), Mark Drobot (Nikolai Doroshenko), Ksenia Mishina (Lydia Schaefer). And someone looking for a long time, for example, Natalya Denisenko (actress Larisa) and Alina Kovalenko (Olga Rodzevich). Every actor – an exact hit on your character. Each character with their own personality and characteristics. None of the audience will not leave anyone indifferent.

Beautiful places of Kiev and Ukraine, which we have not even imagined

The series is filmed across the country, involving more than 400 units in Ukraine. Viewers will see many historical Ukrainian places: Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Chocolate house, house Uvarov, estate of Chechel in Samchyky, the Museum of Pirogov in Vinnitsa, the open air Museum in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, the mansion of Yakov Polyakov, Zhytomyr regional Philharmonic hall, the Palace and Park complex “Kachanivka” and others. Almost all of them will represent the province of Chernigov 19th century.

This series in Ukraine was not yet

Remember the last costume drama, which was shot in Ukraine? “Roksolana”? “Black Council”? It was over 20 years ago. Series of this scale in Ukraine have not seen. 13 months, 246 shift, 2065 scenes – so much time had created a large-scale series. Events in the series affect all seasons of the year, we did non-stop. The cold shooting was at a temperature of -27 and, the heat of +34. The creators have done everything to immerse the audience in the 19th century.

Makeup, costumes, hair

Every girl dreamed to visit in the 19th century only to wear a beautiful puffy ball gown. In “Fortress” every outfit is a work of art. Over images of three worked as a costume designer: Dmitry Kuryata Antonina Belinskaya, Daria, Portenko. They, together with their teams were up and down all the outfits. Over grim worked as a makeup artist Liliana Khoma and her team. To make beautiful hairstyles for girls went from 40 minutes to an hour, but the complex make-up to the surprise was the man – the blacksmith Nazar, who plays Taras Tsymbalyuk, the plot suffered a lot, so sometimes his makeup took more than an hour.

25 Feb 20:00, viewers will see the incredible costume drama that will take everyone to the 19th century.

Впервые в Украине выйдет красивый сериал о нашей стране

Впервые в Украине выйдет красивый сериал о нашей стране

Впервые в Украине выйдет красивый сериал о нашей стране