For the first time Ukraine will join the network of international Depositary

Украина впервые присоединится к сети международного депозитария

International Central securities Depository Clearstream, part of Deutsche Börse Group, on may 27, will join the Ukrainian market to its network.

The launch of the first in the history of Ukraine “link” with the international Depository will be implemented through an account opened in the Depositary of the National Bank.

Ukrainian government securities will be available in the settlement system Clearstream. Foreign investors will have easier access to government securities denominated in local currency.

The launch will increase demand for bonds of internal state loan, improve their liquidity and attractiveness in the international capital market.

Also joining the network will allow Clearstream to improve the currency structure of public debt by increasing the proportion of financing in local currency, will increase the effectiveness of the transmission mechanism of monetary policy the National Bank and will contribute to the further development of the Ukrainian capital market.

Correspondent Bank and the operator of this account in Ukraine would be Citibank.