For the half year pilots around the world have recorded 23 cases of problems with the Boeing media

За полтора года пилоты по всему миру зафиксировали 23 случая неполадок с Boeing - СМИ

The crash of the Boeing in Ethiopia was forced to remember all the cases, or otherwise associated with this airliner. And while the experts are asked not to jump to conclusions and don’t tie up all the sharp points and catastrophes in a single chain, mapping has already started.

CNN employees to check the data for System safety management (ASRS) and found that from October 2017 pilots around the world have registered 23 cases of problems with the Boeing 737 MAX.

According to the channel, most of the messages were not serious problems, but two of them were associated with a sudden reduction of the aircraft, reports Lenta. ru.

In addition, one report described a sharp rise of the liner, and also reported the problem with the smoothing. In other messages, the pilots noted that faced with “bizarre behavior” of the liner, however, is still not established what the reason was.

In addition, the employees of the airlines complained about the user manual provided by Boeing. According to them, the information was not enough, and it seemed to them inappropriate.

Over the past six months there have been recorded two plane crashes involving Boeing 737 MAX, they killed 346 people. The last crash occurred on 10 March in Ethiopia. The plane crashed six minutes after taking off from the airport of Addis Ababa. All 157 people on Board were killed. Among victims – citizens of 33 countries.

Commenting on the disaster, its Chairman and CEO Ethiopian Airlines Tewolde, Gebremariam, said that the pilot crashed in Ethiopia Boeing 737 MAX 8 before the tragedy were not informed about any “external” problems. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The Director stated that attended the latest talks of the crew with terrestrial services. They the pilot reported problems with the flight controls, and then asked for the return to the airport. About any external impact, e.g. collision with a bird, the pilot did not say, said Gebremariam.

Now the “black boxes” from the crash brought to France, where experts will be engaged in their interpretation. This may shed light on what happened for a few seconds before the fall of Boeing.