For the mistake of an Intern Google lost $ 10 million – Techno 24

Через помилку стажера Google втратив 10 мільйонів доларів - Техно 24

Google mistakenly launched an advertising campaign which cost of holding $ 10 million. The problem arose because a trainee who is running is on the open exchange where you can buy and sell advertising space through an auction online.

About it writes the edition theВabel.

The Intern just pressed the wrong button, resulting in a launched test ads on a huge number of web pages and applications.

Order placed there, provided for the payment of 25 cents for every thousand views of an advertisement despite the fact that the rental cost of all advertising space is from 2 to 4 dollars.

The result is an advertisement which had the appearance of an empty yellow rectangle appeared on many sites the US and Australia, and stayed there for about 45 minutes.

The company has already promised to offset the cost to those who posted it a test logo.

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