For the money the EBRD in Ukraine will be a new woodworking plant. Alas, not in nikolayevshchina

За деньги ЕБРР в Украине появится новый деревообрабатывающий завод. Увы, не на Николаевщине

The company “Kronospan UA” in the near future will expand its production and build a new wood processing plant in the Volyn region.

Will be allocated €116 million, according to the European Bank for reconstruction and development.

This money will build new production facilities that will meet the standards and norms of the European Union. It is noted that the new plant will be established a dedicated energy-efficient equipment, including biomass boiler with a capacity of 45 MW, a new transformer and a new electrostatic precipitator, which will provide an alternative solution for electricity generation and will reduce energy waste and dust emissions.

It is expected that production at the new plant will contribute to import substitution oriented strand Board, as well as increased exports from Ukraine to the EU common market and other countries.

A syndicated loan in the amount of €116 million will provide the European Bank of reconstruction and development, €50 million of this amount will be provided by commercial banks Raiffeisen Bank International AG and Raiffeisenlandesbank Ober?sterreich.