For the month TES: Blades for iOS has earned more than $ 1.5 million

За месяц TES: Blades для iOS заработала больше 1.5 миллиона долларов

Exactly a month ago The Elder Scrolls: Blades moved into early access. For the first seven days from the start of closed testing, where allowed by invitation only, the game broke the one million downloads on iOS. Now mobile RPG from Bethesda shows off new heights.

According to the analytical Agency Sensor Tower, the iOS users to date, had to leave the game has over 1.5 million dollars. The number of players on Apple devices is now about 1.3 million. Together they spend on TES: Blades almost 50 thousand dollars a day.

Most of the income of the game, 73 %, accounts for gamers from the United States, which brought about 1.1 million dollars. The second largest profitable market is UK, which accounts for about 5 % of the costs of the players, or about 75 thousand dollars. As reported by Sensor Tower, TES: Blades now earns on average $ 1.2 per download.

For comparison, Fallout Shelter from the same Bethesda for the first month collected 8.4 million dollars in 4.4 million downloads. However, unlike TES: Blades, mobile “Fallaci” was released in the full version, bypassing the testing and early access.

We note again that the report of the Agency are not considered indicators of the Android version, so the total numbers are actually more.