For the price of the machine: in Ukraine fell sharply “EuroBLECH”

По цене стиралки: в Украине резко подешевели "евробляхи"

In Ukraine dropped the prices of used cars on avtonomera. The major sites selling cars filled with offers of cars for 600-800 dollars. The fact that the owners are unwilling or unable to clear the “iron horses” on the border, so they actually sell for scrap.

What is the reason for how much you can buy a “EuroBLECH” and what are the risks – versed OBOZREVATEL.

In November 2018, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the laws of resonance on clearance “EuroBLECH”. Despite numerous actions, a few days after the adoption of the laws most of the activists went home, and “Auto Euro Force” and even went into politics.

In the first weeks of the boom in the customs were observed. The owners evroavto not in a hurry to legalize their vehicles. The main wave at the boundary was followed only by the end of December.

According to the Deputy Minister of Finance Sergei Villanova in mid-January 2019 the state received in the budget 2 billion hryvnia. Cleared more than 30 thousands from more than half a million cars.

While the grace period (when to pay a fine is not necessary, but the excise tax is less than half) will be valid only until the end of February. It is logical that all car owners go through the customs clearance in no time. That is why some of them decided to put a car for sale. At a price a fraction of their real value.

For example, Volkswagen Polo 1999 with unknown mileage “120 km” was put up for sale for only $ 800 or trade. This is actually the price of “fancy” washing machine. Judging by the published photos, car in good condition.

Probably one of the reasons for the sale “EuroBLECH” – the high cost of customs clearance. Within the grace period, according to the calculator, the cost of registration will be about 2 thousand dollars.

Another option – Volkswagen Passat 1997. Mileage – 330 thousand kilometers, condition, judging by the photos, good. The owner offers the car for $ 1,200. Calculator customs clearance, when you register you will have to pay a little more than 2 thousand dollars.

Sell and less used cars. For example, NISSAN Almera 2001, with a mileage of 300 thousand kilometers to give everything for $ 800, or exchange for a car with Ukrainian registration.

However, this story has a lot of risks. Besides the obvious – age and technical condition, cars are avtoregistracia. Accordingly, customs clearance will have to pay from his pocket for the new owner to take the car to the customs.

That is, buying a car avtonomera, the new owner in fact takes a “pig in a poke.” If stopped by the police, he will be forced to pay as the registration of cars and a fine. In this case, the car is safe only when it will be used for parts.

New rules of registration of cars on avtonomera – not ideal. Around them was a lot of discussion. But overall, thanks to laws adopted by the Parliament was able to stabilize the situation. Now the owners of evroavto conditionally divided into three camps.

First, those who have already cleared the car, or who plans to do it before the end of the grace period.

Those owners that will not pass customs clearance, but not going to sell their cars.