For the sake of the gamers: scientists have created an interesting case for smartphones

В угоду геймерам: ученые создали интересный чехол для смартфонов

Touch key – standard method of user interaction with the smartphone, but often the keys are much more convenient. In an era when manufacturers abandon the physical keys, scientists have invented an original way to add a mechanical switch on the device.

Features of the development. According to the New Atlas, the basis of design of mechanical widgets is a special case for the smartphone, which are mounted on the modules needed: keys or rotating discs.

Their principle of operation is based on changing the position of the gadget in space when interacting with controls. Even a small movement of the widget turns out to be the phone’s accelerometer and using a special application performs the specified action.

For whom will be useful? According to the developers, the technology will be useful as gamers, as an alternative controller, and in other situations, including the use of smartphone gloves in cold weather.

How does the new case – see video

For example, you can set the scroll wheel zoom function to easily zoom in a photo or map of the area with one hand. The modular design allows you to quickly change the configuration of the controls, which did not need its own power supply.

When will it appear? Note, the technology is still in the testing stage and not yet ready for mass production, but in the long run original method of “upgrading” will allow owners of smartphones to add to its ageto several bonus options without changing the firmware and buying expensive accessories.

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