For the time in office, the mayor Minko stole from the budget of billion!

За время у власти мэр Минько украл из бюджета миллиард!

He has so much money and entertainment, that he began to remove himself loved movies and posting them on his YouTube channel.

As the famous literary hero of Ilf and Petrov: “the Ice is broken!”. In the case of the current Melitopol started a local king on the river, and mind. But about all under the order.

In 5 years of being in power in Melitopol Sergei Minko from the city budget to the various “unprecedented improvement” through their private firms, projects and ideas it spent about 2.5 billion hryvnia. It would seem that the figure is impressive. But…

Even if, approximately calculate how much and what amount was made and implemented, then the ends do not converge. On average, we have somewhere around 1.5 billion. That is, 60% of spent. And here come the most notorious of 40% kickback – bribe, which Minko immediately installed for all budget cost (well, except for payroll expenditures).

For example not far to seek. Recently, the entire city became known that only 1 sq metre of walkway paving on the street in a New Intercultural Melitopol Minko and his accomplices steal a minimum of 400 hryvnia. Even among young people Melitopol mayor earned the nickname “Soroket” as a proposal about implementing any ideas for the budget bill without rolling back 40% to the city power it is better not to approach.

Touches in the opinion of supporters, hangers-on and outright zadolizov Melitopol mayor who say, “Well, that’s stealing, but for the city as did!”. Often this statement base their arguments in favor of Minko and its controlled mongrel propagandists. That is, the admirers of Melitopol mayor who changes political colour like a chameleon depending on the situation, and even proud of it, I agree with what he steals. For them the main thing – that something is being done at the same time. And what is done? Rolled streets and yards in the asphalt? Installed children’s swings and roundabouts and paid playgrounds for the budget bill?

But what about local medicine and education, which Minko turned into milking machines for the population. And so 5 years and a billion in his pocket.

For our money, he buys himself a luxury car, making them to relatives, real estate in Kiev and abroad. Changing wives as gloves, becuase each time the models are all younger and younger. Increases strange chemical stuff his balding head and contains the state of jackals that these entertainment startline ignore, showing us what a great Manager they Minko for our money.

Mistrust and narcissism of the Minko already tipped the scales beyond reasonable plans. He is already so accustomed to stealing that his appetites are demanding more and more money. And how to access them? Only through the Verkhovna Rada. And here at Minko again playing endless greed. He wants Parliament and local flows of money to throw does not want. Therefore the official on the background of their painful samoochishchenija imagined, taken at face value and already started to convince the melitopoltsy that very soon will be the law that the mayor can simultaneously be a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. Here is a cut then he would have made!

Why is he doing it? Yes, everything is simple. He’s so raspiarili himself that among his fans and supporters became to be a reasonable question: “why do we have such a great handyman in Parliament to let go? This “cow” is needed most, as they say”. In General propiarilsya.

And indeed much of what crazed “incredible bubble” the officer’s doing lately is unclear. The love of yourself from Minko has become so schizophrenic and obsessive that he was making mini-movies about themselves and their great” acts and posting them on his YouTube channel. The good thing with Cvma slaves, who considers himself a great film, always ready on the orders of the master to do what he wants. After seeing one of these “masterpieces”, Spielberg probably would have realized that his whole life was spent in vain.

These masterpieces about yourself Minko shows already in theaters. For the stolen billion, he can afford it. And we?