For the week revealed 250 crimes, from the bottom of the 80 – grave, – the Nikolaev Prosecutor’s office

За неделю раскрыто 250 преступлений, из низ 80 - тяжкие, - Николаевская прокуратура

The last week of January was a busy one for the law enforcement agencies of nikolayevshchina. Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office of the Nikolaev area.

During this time, revealed nearly 250 criminal offences, of which 80 are hard. The local Prosecutor’s office of the Bashtansky solved 80 crimes, of which 37 heavy.

Police investigators completed pre-trial investigation by nearly 200 criminal proceedings, indictments which are sent to court. 23 the courts handed down a guilty verdict. In this direction for effective work procedure of the prosecutors of local Prosecutor’s offices of the Nikolaev № 1 and № 2.

In particular, revealed a daring double murder of the couple from Odessa detained four natives of Georgia, who was kidnapped nikolayevets demanded from him 20 thousand UAH, the exposure of two bribes.

Also, over the last seven days of January prosecutors conducted extensive work in the sphere of implementation of Executive powers. In particular, they participated in 16 trials of local courts and of the Nikolaev appellate court.

Thus, the decision of Factory district court of Nikolaev satisfied the claim of the Deputy head of the Nikolaev local Prosecutor’s office No. 1 on the recognition illegal and cancellation provisions of the decision of the Nikolaev city Council, the invalidation of the state act on the ownership of land tracts “Zhovtneve” an area of 0.1 hectares at cost of 400 thousand with the obligation to return it to the state.

In the last week of the judgment on the claims of bodies of Prosecutor’s office of the region actually performed a total of 2.3 million UAH, in state property returned to the land of 14 hectares.

Thanks to the intervention of the local Prosecutor’s office of Pervomayskiy really made the decision of economic court of the Nikolaev area – in the property of the state represented by management of town planning, architecture, municipal property and land issues of may day city Council returned are located in the city of Pervomaisk of the non-residential premises with an area of 203 sq. m value of 380 thousand UAH.

Also made the decision of the new Odessa district court of the illegal use of a citizen of the state returned the land area of 14 hectares with a cost of 322 thousand UAH.

Mykolaiv local Prosecutor’s office No. 2 secured real execution of the decision of Ship district court of Nikolaev – from illegal possession of a citizen claimed land forest tracts “Zhovtneve” 0.1 hectares cost 183 thousand UAH.