For those who like to drink: how to reduce harm from alcohol

Для тех, кто любит выпить: как снизить вред от алкоголя

If you drink more often than 2-3 times a week, I’m sure this article will be doubly useful because I will tell you how to reduce the harm from alcohol and give you 5 effective tips.

Do not drink cheap and low-quality alcohol

In principle, the alcohol in people’s lives is always present. For example, during the Soviet Union, in most cases, sold high-quality, delicious alcohol. But soon closer to the 90 years began to appear a counterfeit, fake alcohol, from which people suffered serious cases of poisoning. One of the clearest examples of the alcohol – Royal. The conclusion is simple – if you decide to drink alcohol, choose quality, not cheap. As a rule, the cheap stuff uses low-grade and secondary raw materials.

Don’t drink too often

If you consume alcohol more than 4 times a week, this may indicate early stages of alcoholism. If you prefer to drink every day, beer or soft drinks, and I think that all will be consequences, I have to disappoint you. Daily drinking of alcohol leads to increase dosage as the body gets used to the same amount of alcohol. Accordingly, the more often you drink, the more quickly and damaged the body.

Drink plenty of pure water and exercise

It is as though banal did not sound, but to minimize the harm of alcohol on the body, it is necessary to constantly maintain the water balance in the norm. Otherwise, a person can expect serious consequences: dehydration, dry skin, weakness, headache, dry mouth, reduced brain activity, etc.

Alcohol and sport – the two are incompatible concepts. But if you are drinking 1-3 times a week, this walk in the fresh air, do physical exercises that strengthen muscles and support tone the body, it will help to reduce the harm from alcohol.

Abstain from alcohol

The most obvious and effective method is to completely give up alcohol. Yes, it’s hard, but possible. Ask yourself the question, why do you drink? If alcohol life becomes better and brighter, maybe you need to change something in your life sober? After all, alcohol is not a cure, but only a product that help people occasionally to relax and relieve stress.

Ditch unhealthy food

No matter how the alcohol was high in calories, but paired with fat and unhealthy snack he brings great harm to the body. Primarily, this manifests itself in extra weight and development of obesity later stages. Remember what you eat and often, eating drinking: salty, fried, or fatty foods. I recommend that the diet. At least, add fresh vegetables and lean meat.