For two months the state of TOP 25 richest people in the world increased by more than 250 billion dollars – Forbes

За два месяца состояние ТОП-25 самых богатых людей мира выросло на более чем 250 млрд долларов - Forbes

Total state TOP 25 richest people in the world increased by approximately 255 billion dollars over the past two months, despite the pandemic coronavirus.

Such estimates published by Forbes magazine, reports UNN.

Thus, in the first place in the growth condition was the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, who became richer by 31.4 billion. Its assets are estimated at 86.5 billion, he ranked fourth in the list of 25 richest billionaires according to Forbes.

In the second place the founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos. The increase amounted to 29.9 billion dollars. His fortune is estimated at 146,9 billion. In the ranking of billionaires, he ranked first.

The third largest increase took Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, who in April signed an agreement with Facebook and became the richest man in Asia. After the market crash, his fortune increased by 19.9 billion dollars, reaching 52.7 billion dollars. According to Forbes he ranks fifteenth in the list of TOP 25 richest people in the world.

In fourth place is the founder’s second largest after Alibaba, the Chinese online store Pinduoduo Colin Zheng Juan. He became richer by 17.9 billion us dollars. His fortune is estimated at 35.6 billion, in the overall ranking he is the 22-th line.

Co-founder and developer of Google Larry page was richer than 14.2 billion dollars, his fortune has increased to 63.6 billion. In the overall ranking it occupies the eighth position.