For what services employees can raise wages

За какие заслуги работникам могут повысить зарплату

In December 2018, the average salary of Ukrainians exceeded 10 thousand UAH. At the same time in the regions and professional sectors of the payments differ.

Wage depends on many factors. For example, experience, education, knowledge of languages. Everyone can approximately calculate how much salary he deserves.

Promonitorte market

View vacancy announcements and summary colleagues from your specialty. At the same time the salary of workers of the same specialty can vary from 10 to 60%. This, for example, depending on the region. So, an hour of Babysitting jobs in the small town is 30 UAH, in Kyiv – UAH 90.


The more experience, the more salary you can receive. So, every 5 years is an additional 10% to the base salary. However, workers with no experience will have to subtract from wages 10-20%. Employers do not want to pay for yesterday’s students the same as those of experience.

Higher education

Diploma of higher specialized education can affect the increase in payments. Today, however, it is no surprise. Some companies even refuse workers without education.


The employer will pay more if you have a certificate of completion of specialized courses. It is guaranteed 5% of the basic wage.

The second higher education

You will need it only when it is adjacent to your primary specialty. For example, accountant and auditor. Then you can expect to increase salaries by 10%. If the accountant has received a speciality of the Director of mass events of the Institute of culture and arts, the growth of payments to hope not.


Knowledge of any foreign language is important. However, you’ll get a raise only when this language is needed to work in the company.

Knowledge of programs

It will have more influence on the increase of wages in the future than when applying for a job. However, thanks to the knowledge of the programs you can choose among the other contenders for the vacancy.