For whom Zelensky allowed the signals – what lies behind the decree of the President

Для кого Зеленский разрешил спецсигналы - что скрывается за указом президента

In the beginning of “zero”, soon on the Ukrainian cities begin to chase majors a cool car with flashing blue lights under the grille. This conclusion arises from the decision of President Vladimir Zelenskiy, which he received June 20 (Zelensky cancelled the decree ex-the President Victor Yushchenko “About measures on streamlining of use of special light and sound signalling devices and license plates for official vehicles,” which was forbidden to put “flashers” to anyone except the security forces and other authorized agencies).

Imagination involuntarily paints a picture – to Zelensky friends came from the “Quarter” and saying, repent quietly, we got tired stand in traffic jams. And the President signs the decree. As it really is, to understand “News”.

Nothing like that! First, the President has cancelled that decree, not a ban on flashing beacons. The ban remains, it is governed by other provisions – say “news” in Committee on transport of the Parliament. And add, Zelensky on June 20 canceled over a hundred different decrees of his predecessors, who contrary to the existing legislative framework.

The background here is the following. At the time (in 2005), President Yushchenko adopted a decree that it was forbidden for ordinary people to install emergency lights, beacons and sparsity (in the people – “krakoski“) on their cars. For violation of this prohibition by the law of that time provided truly draconian fines – up to 45 thousand UAH at the exchange rate of dollar UAH 8. Thus Yushchenko put an end to the lawlessness of the majors on the roads, scaring decent drivers sirens and flashing lights.

In Yushchenko’s decree clearly regulated the structure, which had the right to set the mod to auto:

  • the official cars for the movement of persons with the state protection (e.g., tuples of the President)
  • the police the police
  • military safety inspection APU
  • interior Ministry troops
  • tax
  • the state Department concerning execution of punishments
  • ambulance
  • fire
  • emergency services
  • collectors and those who carry valuables of the national Bank
  • management of state guard of Ukraine in the presence of special permits.

However, new government agencies and requiring signals, the decree is not taken into account. For example, the NEB or the State Bureau of investigation during Yushchenko did not yet exist. The Cabinet of Ministers in 2017, issued a decree that anti-corruption authorities have the right to use spetssignalov. However, the Cabinet decision was contrary to the decree of the President Yushchenko, and therefore had no power. This is confirmed by experts

“We have without having to Zelensky did not cancel the decree, the decree of the Cabinet could not gain legal force for the past two years, – said human rights activist, author of books on the protection of the rights of motorists Vladimir caravan. – It turns out that the NABOO and the RRT could not install on their cars with special signals. Now they can install them on their cars, having received the permission of the interior Ministry. I think Zelensky overturned Yushchenko’s decree after NABU representatives and RRG has raised this issue. Zelensky recently had a meeting with them and promised any assistance. So he has promoted” – said Karavayev.

But for “civil” ban on flashing lights and krakoski is still in force, said the expert. It’s just that he is governed by other normative documents, and not by presidential decree. So do not rush to order a Chinese siren on Ali Express.

Even if they have significantly fallen since the beginning of “zero” – then the installation cost about $ 1,000. Now – less than 50.

Для кого Зеленский разрешил спецсигналы - что скрывается за указом президента