Forager will be released on the PS4 and Switch on 30 July, and 13 September will be a physical edition for consoles

Forager выйдет на PS4 и Switch 30 июля, а 13 сентября появится физическое издание для консолей

Cute 2D”virovac” Forager last year started on the PC, and is now preparing to visit the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. On consoles the game will be released on July 30, but a “number” release will not be limited to 13 September arrives and even physical edition to consoles.

Versions for PS4 and Switch in full get already released content. In the same box with the game put the disc/cartridge, exclusive poster and five stickers. The price is $ 30. A visual representation of the material of the buns or on the picture below.

The authors write that the entertainment you can pre-order and digital stores, but at the time of writing the news you can’t do that. The retail version in our stores is not yet in sight – only GameStop (PS4/Switch) where the pre-order is already open, as well as Target, Best Buy and Amazon, where pre-orders will start in the future.

When you create a Forager developers from HopFrog inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda, Terraria, Stardew Valley and Minecraft. Therefore, the emphasis in gameplay is on exploration, farming and crafting items. In General, everything that you so well know, and specific details can be found on the game page in Steam.

The Studio is now working on an update that will process the artificial intelligence of enemies and make the game “surprisingly difficult”. The update should appear within the next two months, the details will reveal in the near future.

Critics have taken Forager heat 78 score on Metacritic and 75 OpenCritic. People dedicated to the game 91% positive reviews on the service Valve. The press and public praised the addictive gameplay, plenty of content and nice graphics, and sometimes blamed for excessive grind and the lack of multiplayer.

Forager выйдет на PS4 и Switch 30 июля, а 13 сентября появится физическое издание для консолей