Forcing young people to serve in the APU: in Kiev, 50% of boys refuse to serve

Принуждение молодежи к службе в ВСУ: в Киеве 50% парней категорически отказываются служить

As the author of the material:

“recently I talked with two Kiev – 22-year-old Anatoly and Peter. Both the Lord God is not deprived of health, and they are potential soldiers-conscripts: there are no legal grounds for exemption from military service, postponing they are not. I asked them, are in the army – say, the recruitment drive is in full swing.

– Whatever it was, and we are not going to serve, – heard in reply.

After talking with the guys conducted a mini-survey among their peers about their attitude to carry out its constitutional duty. Of the 100 respondents only 8… expressed a desire to “be honest to serve”, 27 admitted that they would not “hide from the army.” 65 but admitted that “in any case, will not serve.”

Of these 65 people 20 have already prepared in advance certificate of “extremely poor condition”, and 40 have foreign passports, and they during the “H”, that is, after receiving the agenda, ready to “hit the road to Poland to work”. Learning that will need to undergo a medical examination directly at the registration site, guys without batting an eye, replied that “there are no hopeless situations”.

“Why do I need it?”, “Let others build generals cottages”, “Better to Poland to work” – here is a partial list of the justifications of the majority of citizens who can be drafted.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has identified a number of Ukrainians who should be called up for military service this spring: 18 752 people. From them 9 thousand will serve in the Armed forces, 5 152 – National guard, 4 thousand will join the State border service, and another 600 – special transport service. Considering the population of Ukraine, problems with recruitment, it would seem, should not be. But so many of them that rife. Home – the reluctance of young people to serve. Therefore, the officers of military commissariats are on crimes – raids and abduction of people on the streets.

Last fall, for example, they jointly with the police detained young men of military age in various public locations and delivering them to the district departments of the police, find out whether they appeal. About “hunting” the whole country would know – and social media exploded with anger of many Ukrainians. And some politicians in the air began to compare the actions of officers with the actions of the German fascists during the Second world war, which forcibly sent Ukrainians to forced labor in Germany. This is a gross violation of existing legislation. To detain a young person in the military or at the Assembly point it is illegal and falls under article of the criminal code on unlawful restriction of liberty.

Similarly, employees of military registration and enlistment offices have no right to force young people to undergo a medical examination. In case of refusal, the doctors are required to make an entry in a personal matter, and the military has no right in this case to determine the degree of fitness for service.

“Each spring and autumn we received orders of the General staff, according to which and call in the army, – told the journalist of the Day a fellow officer. And we have to follow them no matter what. Each military Commissioner knows that in the event of failure on the part of senior commanders and chiefs in relation to it may follow the so-called conclusions, including dismissal from office. No one has any excuses to not hear. And understand our leaders-the generals who are responsible for recruiting troops and – by and large – the national security and defense of the state, is not difficult. So, as you can see, not a good life, we have to resort to such steps.”

“By the way, then in the General staff of the armed forces of Ukraine has condemned such precedents. In particular, the chief of staff, Deputy chief of the General staff of the armed forces of Ukraine Lieutenant-General Arthur Artemenko said that “resource to send in the troops enough, and all the officials involved in such outrages will be punished.” The words of pan of the General caused in social networks a flurry of applause. Is it really possible to disagree with him? We live in a civilized society, strive to develop the rule of law, and the precedents appear not only as a barbarity,” said the author.

Regarding the resource. Yes, it is quite sufficient for the acquisition of several dozen full-fledged divisions. For example, in 2018, fit for military service for health reasons – was found about 420 thousand young people – 86 percent of those who were in the military Commissariat. And this despite the fact that ignored calls to tens of thousands. But to be physically fit and willing to serve 1.6 years is, as they say in Odessa, two big differences: after receiving the verdict on its suitability, a lot of guys “forget” the road to recruiting stations. In 2018, for example, and following further medical examinations in state health facilities has not returned almost 11 thousand young men: most of them were found to be healthy.

“Last fall we called 3 847 citizens of military age. Instead, it was only 1 512 – said the military Commissar of the Sviatoshyn in Kiev district military enlistment office, Colonel Vadim Latin. – Such situation has arisen not yesterday and not even the day before yesterday she for a long time.

The author asked Vadim F. the fate of those 1 582 people who willfully ignored calls to recruiting stations. And learned that none of them suffered any punishment. Svyatoshinskiy district is no exception, in other Metropolitan areas the same picture: in the autumn of last year, RVC was not more than 80 percent of potential soldiers. And tens of thousands of young men!.. And none of them of domestic justice is not brought to justice.And in case of refusal to undergo medical examination or, if the recruit immediately writes the refusal of taking the oath (it has the full right), to bring him to justice is just not possible according to international standards.

The situation is similar in Ukraine. As stated on a press-conferences obivously, on average, from 50 to 80% of the “recruits” categorically refuse to even come to the draft Board.

Note that the team newly elected President of Ukraine about the problem of you know, I think the action of military coercion and the shameful raids and stated that the appeal would be entirely voluntary, and the army will be professional.