Ford built the “dog” car

Ford построил «собачий» автомобиль

Right to transport Pets in the car – a science. Disregard for the rules when you crash can lead to tragic consequences: four-legged friend can not only hurt myself but hurt the driver and passengers. By the way, all self-respecting car-trying to take care of road safety of not only people but also Pets.

According to statistics gathered by the specialists of Ford motor company in European countries and in Russia in particular, house hold Pets more than 185 million people. Of them huge percentage of dog owners (84.9 million). But during the poll, every third admitted that he absolutely does not care about the safety of shaggy passengers, allowing them while driving safely move about the cabin.

Some respondents told that already got in an accident caused by dogs: animals included turn signals, obstruct the review, jumped to go out the window and even bit of passengers.

The engineer of Ford motor company Renee burns has developed a special design of the Luggage compartment of the car where it’s safe and it’s comfortable to carry the dog even the largest breeds.

In order for the trunk to fit a box for the carriage of the Irish wolfhound, the largest of the dogs, the developer changed the shape of the opening of the fifth door, modified the form of various fasteners and reduced the thickness of the foam layer in the hull rear of the roof.

I should add that unlike some countries where there are strict rules for transportation of animals animals in Russia as regular Luggage. But, at least for unsafe transportation we have a fine put, it is better to take care of our smaller brothers and to use special harnesses, cages, hammocks and nets.

Ford построил «собачий» автомобиль