Ford employees don’t want to release police cars

Сотрудники Ford не хотят выпускать полицейские автомобили

Note that the Ford motor company in 1950 producing cars for law enforcement of America.

This model like the Ford Crown Vic became a symbol of police, and after it was removed from production in 2011, Ford Explorer perfectly replaced the departed car.

However, some employees of Ford have questioned the role of the automaker in creating vehicles.

It is known that some employees of Ford, wrote a letter to General Director Jim Hackett and the Board of Directors Chairman bill Ford asking to stop the production of police cars. However, Hackett rejected the idea that the company would agree to the demand.

Hackett issued a note, which stated that if the Ford brand has discontinued to offer police cars, “we would hurt their security and complicate their work.” He added that Ford will continue the production and sale of police cars.

Earlier in the letter Hackett has made it clear that they with the bill “deeply believe that no system of repression and racism that has been demonstrated incorrect actions of law enforcement bodies”. He also noted that these two also believe that the police require greater transparency and accountability. However, Hackett understands the vital role that respondents play in the community.

“Our world will not function without the courage and dedication of good police officers who protect and serve. But the security community should include all members, and today it is not so,” he wrote.

Police cars Ford accounted for two thirds of all sales of police vehicles in the United States, and we don’t know how many police cars Ford sells. However, such a step in any direction will undoubtedly be seen as political.

Those who ask Ford to reconsider its position in relation to the production and sale of police vehicles is likely in the near future will not change the course of the automaker.

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