Ford had to build up the Assembly Bronco because of the incredible demand

Ford пришлось нарастить сборку Bronco из-за невероятного спроса

Brand Ford in the background a huge consumer demand decided to stretch the conveyor. While we are not talking about the load of the production line in full.

The revived legend of the Bronco and stood on the conveyor in the version of the First Edition. It was released the only party in 3500 copies. After a couple of hours, the party scattered. Further, the brand has announced plans to increase production capacity. A line of Bronco First Edition included the SUV in 3 – and 5-door versions. Every one went, without exception. The owners of the SUV was all wheel drive, stuffed with modern technology.

Pioneer Bronco is much more expensive than the standard version: 3D First Edition estimated at 59.3 thousands of dollars compared to 28.5 thousand dollars. The difference is more than two times.

Even five-door modification exhibited a more expensive version of the Bronco Sport. Biting the price tag does not bother the Americans. The legend reborn is fully met the expectations of customers on quality, technology and the domestic auto industry.

Technical differences between models no, the main differences is nestled in the styling. Bronco First Edition sold only in the USA. To the design of the pre-orders hadn’t arrived even Canadians. The first ordered cars will arrive to dealers in the spring of 2021.

Rumors about the revival of the Bronco appeared 5 children ago, and a year ago appeared the first confirmation. Now Ford has at its disposal a full-fledged SUV. Such a high demand will allow Ford once confirm your years of experience and to expand my client base.