Ford has announced a new model by 2021

Ford анонсировал новую модель к 2021 году

This week, Ford introduced a resurrected Bronco that made us think about reducing the influence of the coronavirus in the automotive industry.

Now the company has hinted at another new product that may appear in 2021.

Despite the fact that the timing of the release of new products can vary in many brands, we still get a significant amount of information from different manufacturers, resourceful sites and individuals.

The next important milestone in the history of Ford, it seems, is the release of the next novelty, which will appear in 2021.

On one of the slides of the presentation shown at the meeting with representatives of Bank of America, talks about the cars that will be assembled at plants in Michigan and Armesilla, and shown a hidden car called “Whitespace”.

Muscle Cars & Trucks quickly picked up the story, and they believe that it is definitely a Ford Maverick. The American company was interested in the revival of the nameplate, and this time, Maverick will probably come back as a small pickup truck that will be on the step below the Ranger.

Foreign media also noted that the pickup segment has grown over recent years both in size and price, stating about the lack of small pickups like the Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota. The alleged “Whitespace” must fill this empty segment, and if it will be pickup Maverick, Ford will be the first to occupy this niche.

Rumors also said that the Ford pickup Maverick will be based on the same platform as the Ford Bronco Sport. However, we will have to wait until next year until they begin to appear the first details about the new product.