Ford has developed a smart bed: “a welcome relief”

Ford разработал умную кровать: "долгожданное облегчение"

Ford has developed a smart bed to ensure that all were able to sleep

American carmaker Ford developed the so-called “smart” bed that keeps sleeping on their side of the mattress. The bed received the name of Lane-Keeping Bed.

The developers applied technology automotive technology in order to while you sleep everyone “remained in his place”.

According to research, a quarter of the people who are in a permanent relationship, complaining about their partners due to the fact that they are not always comfortable to sleep with them in bed because they take up the habit take up too much space. Accordingly, there are problems with a full bed, which provoke inattention on the roads, irritability and fatigue at work.

The bed is equipped with special sensors, providing that the sleepers did not bother each other. Bed analyzes the situation of the people. If someone tries to cross his half of the mattress, the system will include a feed that scrolls the bed and returns per place. It is noted that all runs smoothly in order not to disturb the sleeping.

According to the developers, time with someone you love must be a welcome relief and not to create unnecessary problems.

A new project called “Google Shoes”. The authors-the developers promise to all customers, combining comfort with health benefits. The shoes are equipped with special sensors that will measure and control the weight of its owner.

Google Shoes will interact with the owner via smartphone. In the case that the weight change in either direction, the shoes will transmit the data to the smartphone which, in turn, will inform the owner about possible health problems.

Ford разработал умную кровать: "долгожданное облегчение"

Ford разработал умную кровать: "долгожданное облегчение"