Ford has revealed the first sketches of the GT40 (PHOTO)

Ford показал первые эскизы GT40 (ФОТО)

A division of Ford performance published early concept art of the original GT40 race car, painted 57 years ago.

Design led to the fact that the car beat Ferrari at Le Mans for the first time taking first place in a 24 hour endurance race four consecutive times from 1966 to 1969.

The sketches were found by archivists who viewed the negatives. Three of them depict the early concept of exterior design of the GT40; the fourth is the elements of the frame GT40 and suspension components.

Sketches of the exterior show a strong influence of futuristic road cars 1960-ies. Sleek body could be called Italian.

The front view highlights the iconic form of exotic sports cars with mid-engined 1960s and 1970s years.

The profile sketch is almost reminiscent of the fuselage of the fighter with an obvious bias to modern theories of aerodynamics. The nose almost looks like the front edge of an airplane wing, and this form is repeated on the line of the rear wing.

Perhaps the most exciting sketch is a sectional view which shows the front and rear suspension GT40, engine, battery and even a spare tire.

The last two pictured in front of the GT40, far away from the drivetrain for better balance.

Ford показал первые эскизы GT40 (ФОТО)

Ford показал первые эскизы GT40 (ФОТО)

Ford показал первые эскизы GT40 (ФОТО)