Ford Mustang Mach E officially became more powerful

Ford Mustang Mach E официально стал мощнее

The company began taking orders for the electric crossover in the United States.

Ford has published the final technical specifications of its electric crossover Mustang Mach E. As expected, the production car was slightly more powerful than the prototype.

So, basic version with rear or all-wheel drive give out 269 HP, which is 11 HP more than the estimated figures. Rear-wheel drive car with a top battery added 8 HP to 294 HP. Finally, the top all-wheel drive crossover was powerful to 14 HP and develops a 351 HP

Earlier also it was reported that during the tests it turned out that in real life a reserve Mustang Mach E was more calculated.

The company has already started taking orders for the new model, which will start to arrive to customers in January 2021. Because Ford sells their models not directly, but through a network of independent dealers, they have the right to set their own margins. According to rumors, due to the high demand for Mach E, some vendors have already added to the recommended price of 15 thousand dollars.