Forecast for August: astrologer was called the most dangerous days

Прогноз на август: астролог назвал самые опасные дни

In August 2020 Ukrainians will find a few very dangerous days. Astrologers warn that in some dates, the celestial bodies line up so when it would seem that the world is crumbling. Try to behave in hands and not to panic. Remember that everything will pass and life will again return to normal.

2 Aug 2020 – the square Sun and Uranus

In this day an unusual combination of celestial bodies will affect the psyche of people. Many will be inclined to make hasty and even irrational. Only willpower can resist this, so the astrologers call the representatives of all Zodiac signs to adhere to reasonable conclusions and desires, and not to forget about discipline. Follow the flow of your thoughts and what you intend to do at every moment of his life. This will help to track and stop the stupidity in the Bud.

9 – 10 August 2020 connection of the moon with Mars and square mercury and Uranus

The main danger these days is the tendency to irritability, conflict and even violent behavior. Astrologers recommend to minimize the contacts to this day with people. Instead, go to the gym and direct your energy at the elaboration of muscles of the body.

The most dangerous days of August: the first half of the last month of summer 2020Лучше only to redirect the energy of this day of intellectual activity. Here there are stunning insight. Only to realize they are almost not necessary, let them remain speculative.

August 13, 2020 – the square of Mars and Pluto

Very dangerous day for late trips, first dates, casual Dating. Under the influence of astronomical combinations, there is a risk of violence, fraud and deception. The day is devoted to General cleaning, and in the evening at home watching a good melodrama.

24-25 August 2020 square of Mars and Saturn

A period of stagnation, laziness and apathy. It would seem that power has left you. Do not resist, you better have some type of passive recreation. Read a book, watch a movie, engage in a favorite hobby.