Forecaster said the weather forecast next week – 24 Channel

Синоптик сповістила, якою буде погода наступного тижня - 24 Канал

Earlier in the week the heat in southern and Eastern regions will weaken, but it is already Thursday again the temperature will rise.

This was reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko on Opinion.

The rest of the territory of Ukraine the thermal regime will not undergo any changes.

From the 16th of July, short-term thunderstorms will occur erratically in the West, the North and Central part of Ukraine. Moderate and even some heavy showers likely in Western areas.

In Kharkiv and Luhansk will be some rains and thunderstorms. Donetsk region will belong to the most dry air mass. Southern will prevail, dry weather with local rains a separate day.

Next week in Kiev will be dominated by unstable weather: local periodic rains, the jumps in atmospheric pressure. A little lower the air temperature up to +23…+25 degrees.

From Wednesday, the 18th of July, in the capital is expected to increase in air temperature – during the day it will be +27…+29 degrees.

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